On the 15th of September the first Theme Diagnostic and Theme Fundamental Research meeting took place through Teams. All 5 PhDs and 1 post-doc started on their projects, so time to meet everyone and listen to the music!

We started off with a motivational talk by Dr. Cnossen with the theme of the meeting which is: “Do not follow the rules!”, as the only way to change the worlds is to be courageous and go against the rules.

The PhDs introduced themselves and their projects, and showed us how much cooperation between the different workpackages is key for this project. So first things first how are we going to regulate samples? Our post-doc is going to set up a system for this, with the help of all involved.

During lunch we enjoyed each other’s favorite music and homemade lunches.

In the second part of the meeting we discussed in two parallel sessions, data storage, possible biobanking, bleeding phenotype and implementation of our research after SYMPHONY. All PhDs actively engaged in discussions and reported the conclusions in the general meeting afterwards.

Hope to see everybody (live or from home) next week on September 22nd during the SYMPHONY General Assembly!