This clinical PhD project is embedded within theme Treatment in workpackage (WP) 6 of the national SYMPHONY research consortium. The SYMPHONY consortium is an interdisciplinary collaboration between many disciplines and patients ( This consortium aims to orchestrate personalized treatment for patients with bleeding disorders in children and adults by establishing best treatment choice for each individual with a bleeding disorder based on bleeding tendency. This will be achieved by intensive collaborations between 12 workpackages (14 fte PhD and 1 fte postdoc).

In WP6, entitled: “Dose individualization of factor concentrates and desmopressin using population pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modelling”, six clinical and clinical pharmacology PhD students work closely together in the OPTI-CLOT/ To WiN study group. As clinical PhD (1 fte; only MDs, 3-4 years), you are responsible for the collection of data and patient samples from the six Hemophilia Treatment Centers in the Netherlands to develop and validate dosing models for expensive factors concentrates, desmopressin and other medication in unique prospective multicenter trials to treat bleeding disorders such as: hemophilia, von Willebrand disease. The ultimate goal of OPTI-CLOT is to optimize and implement personalized treatment, taking individual pharmacokinetics, lifestyle and bleeding phenotype into account, thereby improving quality of care. Background information about PK-guided dosing is found in this article published by the OPTI-CLOT study group:


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