Lieke, a PhD candidate in workpackage 9, focusing on ethical dilemmas of treatment choice, participated in the Postgraduate Bioethics Conference held in Edinburgh on June 12th and 13th. The primary purpose of her attendance was to deliver an oral presentation on her ongoing research paper, which explores the discourse surrounding gene therapy for hemophilia and the associated ethical implications.

The conference proved to be an enriching experience for Lieke as she engaged with numerous captivating sessions and discussions. Among the topics covered were the ethics of genetics, the significance of diversity in the field of bioethics, and the ethical considerations pertaining to novel treatment options. These talks provided invaluable insights that expanded her knowledge and served as inspiration for her own research.

In addition to the academic aspect, the conference provided some memorable extracurricular activities. Following the conference dinner, a lively Ceilidh event was organized, during which the participants enthusiastically learned traditional Scottish dance moves. The experience added a delightful touch of fun and cultural exploration to her time in Edinburgh.

Overall, the Postgraduate Bioethics Conference proved to be an exceptional platform for Lieke to meet other researchers in the field op bioethics and showcase her  own work, leaving her motivated to advance her research on the ethical dimensions of treatment choice for hemophilia.

By Lieke Baas (PhD WP09)