Since the 1st of October 2020, the OPTI-CLOT web portal has gone  live! This portal makes it possible to request  a pharmacokinetic (PK)-guided dosing advice online for all standard and extended half-life products for hemophilia patients. In the near future, support for dosing advices for all bleeding disorders will be added.

The process is simple: first, fill in requested details on the type of the request and your contact information in  the portal. This information is subsequently shared with our team of pharmacologists. You will then receive a secured link for transferring  relevant data about your patient, after which we will start working on the dosing advice. This advice is based on the latest research in the area of PK-guided dosing to accurately describe the concentration of a drug in the blood plasma over time. Next, we will contact you to further match the initial advice to  the specific characteristics and activities of your patient. In collaboration, we will establish the best  dosing strategy  for your patient.  Study patients included in the OPTI-CLOT TARGET, To WiN and DAVID studies will not be dosed using the portal but according to current procedure, supported by our PhDs.

There a no costs associated with the use of the portal. As part of the SYMPHONY consortium, the goal of this portal is to improve patient care by making PK guided dosing broadly available to all Hemophilia Treatment Centers and practitioners in the field of bleeding disorders in the Netherlands.


Please try the portal to see what we can do for you at!

Always discuss the use of the portal with your patient.

Written by Alexander Janssen, PhD WP06