On 17 – 21 July the annual International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) congress took place. The ISTH is an international congress were all new insights on both clinical and fundamental thrombosis and hemostasis research are presented. Some examples of the topics that were discussed are the use of the new von Willebrand Disease guidelines, treatment with new factor VIII replacement therapies, treatment based on pharma-kinetic dosing and the application of gene therapy. Also many fundamental research results were discussed, such as talks on the cross-talk between inflammation, complement and coagulation and the impact of the blood vessel wall on clot characteristics among many othersUnfortunately, this years’ congress still had to be held virtually. To still be able to watch some of the presentations together, the hemostasis group in the Erasmus MC organized an ISTH get-together. We had the luxury to enjoy the interesting talks at a safe 1,5 meter distance from the cinema within the Sophia Children hospital. In between lectures, there was also some time for some drinks and enjoy a slice of pizza.  

Ryanne Arisz, PhD Wp03