The aim of the project “SYMPHONY: Orchestrating personalized treatment for patients with bleeding disorders” is to establish best treatment choice for each individual with a bleeding disorder based on bleeding tendency. This will be achieved by improving current diagnostic tests to measure hemostatic potential and by performing fundamental research into the pathophysiology behind interindividual differences in bleeding phenotype and treatment response, using novel techniques such as proteomics, and both IPSc and endothelial cellular systems. With these insights, personalization of treatment can be achieved structurally and by implementation of value-based health care, pharmacokinetic-guided dosing of medication, construction of a personal health record, insight into costs of treatment and ethics of novel expensive treatment modalities.

These goals will be achieved by intensive collaborations between the twelve workpackages (WP) (14 fte PhD and 1 fte postdoc), divided into three themes: Diagnostics, Treatment and Fundamental research. Clinical research will focus on a.o.: a) Treatment optimization by personalization, increasing quality of care at acceptable costs; b) Guidance of complex clinical shared decision making for novel therapeutic options; c) Patient-orchestrated implementation of health care innovations using e-health modules. The SYMPHONY consortium is a broad interdisciplinary cooperation consisting of diverse disciplines: (pediatric) hematology, vascular medicine, clinical genetics, clinical pharmacology, psychology, ethics, epidemiology & methodology, mathematics, health care economics, information & data technology, biochemistry, molecular biology, molecular genetics and cell biology, laboratory medicine, business economics, marketing, sales & patient advocacy.

For this project most PhD’s have already been installed. We are hiring the last three PhDs, two of these will be placed in the Erasmus MC in the Departments Pediatrics/ Pediatric Hematology; Hematology and Public Health.

WP06 – Dose individualization of factor concentrates and desmopressin using population pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic modelling (1 fte; MDs preferable, 3 years)
Population PK and PK-PD models will be developed for clotting factors concentrates (factor VIII, factor IX, von Willebrand factor) and desmopressin, which are administered in hemophilia and von Willebrand disease. Routine retrospective and prospective clinical data will be obtained from different treatment centers and will be analyzed using non-linear mixed effects modelling (NONMEM). The developed models will be applied in unique prospective multicenter trials in which doses are individualized and predicted on basis of individual patient PK using Bayesian statistical techniques. Thus optimizing treatment to improve quality of care in the light of both current and novel therapeutic options (standard half-life concentrates, extended half-life concentrates) and to implement personalized treatment of replacement therapy and desmopressin in a patient and treater-friendly manner for all patients with a bleeding disorder long term.

Work environment

A healthy population and excellence in healthcare through research and education. This is what Erasmus MC stands for. Conducting groundbreaking work, pushing boundaries and leading the way. In research, education, and healthcare. We are practical people with a high level of expertise, working hard to improve and renew the healthcare of today and the public health of tomorrow.

The SYMPHONY consortium is a collaboration between the Departments of Pediatric Hematology and Hematology of all six Academic Hemophilia Treatment Centers in the Netherlands (Erasmus MC, AMC, UMCU, UMCG, LUMC, Radboudumc), Department of Public Health Erasmus MC, Sanquin Diagnostics & Sanquin Research, Department of Medical Humanities UMCU, three pharmaceutical companies and the Dutch Patient Society (Netherlands Society of Hemophilia Patients; NVHP). The Erasmus MC candidates will be supervised by Dr. Marjon H. Cnossen and Prof. dr. F.W.G. Leebeek. The SYMPHONY consortium has a yearly General Assembly and many multidisciplinary meetings. The PhD will participate depending on the WP in available and required PhD courses and international conferences.

Qualifications and skills

For these PhD projects we are in search of motivated researchers who have recently graduated (MSc) as either a Biomedical scientist, Health sciences, Biochemist, Medical biologist, Medical doctor or a closely related discipline. Excellent writing and communication skills in both English and Dutch are preferred.

We are looking for enthusiastic candidates with good social and communication skills, who are ambitious and pro-active, and can work independently. A ‘can do’ mentality, analytical mindset and a demonstrable ability to work in a multidisciplinary team.

Key skills the candidate will develop and use are handling/qualitative analysis, scientific and public communication (e.g. writing, presentation, etc).

In addition, the departments strongly support candidates who further want to develop their skills in acquisition, multidisciplinary collaboration, leadership, goal-oriented work, creativity, initiative, involvement, vision and visibility.

Before you apply please check our conditions for employment.

Terms of employment

  • You will receive a temporary position for 1 year. If the suitability is proven, this will be extended to 3 and potentially 4 years.
  • The gross monthly salary is € 2.495,- in the first year and increases to € 3.196,- in the fourth year (scale OIO).
  • Excellent fringe benefits, such as a 13th month that is already paid out in November and a individual travel expense package.
  • Pension insurance with ABP. We take care of approximately 2/3 of the monthly contribution.
  • Special benefits, such as a incompany physiotherapist and bicycle repairer. And there is also a gym where you can work on your fitness after work.

Information and application

For more information about this position, please contact Dr. Simone Reitsma, project manager SYMPHONY, or contact Dr. Marjon H. Cnossen, principal investigator SYMPHONY,

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